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2nd Edition of Global Conference on Biofuels and Bioenergy

March 13-15, 2025 | Madrid, Spain

March 13 -15, 2025 | Madrid, Spain

Applied Microbiology

Applied Microbiology

Biomass currently meets around 10% of the world's primary energy demand. In the face of growing crude oil costs, resource depletion, political instability in producing countries, and environmental issues, only biomass has the potential to replace the supply of an energy-hungry civilization, aside from efficiency and intelligent use. A microorganism's consumption of organic substrates and subsequent usage in metabolic processes produces valuable compounds that can be used as a source of energy. The most difficult challenge in creating biofuels utilizing "microbial factories" is to produce a significant amount of fuel with a lower budget and higher efficiency than conventional fossil fuels. The productivity of microbial biofuel should be prioritized in the future to boost its acceptability.

  • Selection of Microbial Strains
  • Microbial Development
  • Culturing Microbes
  • Microbial Conversion to Produce Bioenergy

Microbiological Aspects of Biofuel Production


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